Woodchopping and Sawing - The Sport

In Canada and the USA it is called lumberjacking. In Great Britain they talk about Axe Racing or log axing. There is a growing trend thanks to Stihl and ESPN to call it Timbersports but here in New Zealand and Australia where it all began, we call it what it is; the sport of Wood chopping.

While our site provides information to members about our association and events, it will also give information about the sport. If you are interested in participating in the sport or sponsoring event, club, or association activities you can contact us via the contact page or if there is an event near you on the calendar page, feel free to email or call the contact person listed.


Woodchopping is all about repetition. Its about doing the same thing over and over and being consistent.
Self discipline is the key to success.

David Bolstad (2006)


The Northern Axemen's North Island Association serves affiliated clubs within the South Auckland, Coromandel, Waikato, King Country, Bay of Plenty, East Cape and Central Plateau regions of the central North Island of New Zealand

There are 12 registered meetings in our region and 75 registered axemen and women and considerably more volunteers who help and support the sport.

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The Sport

It has been said that the sport we know as wood chopping originated as the result of a bet between 2 men in a bar in Tasmania in 1870.They had a bet for £25 to see who could fell a tree the fastest.

The skilled art of the axeman has been around for hundreds of years, and to this day stands as an ultimate test of speed, strength, focus and precision.

Upcoming Events

The competitive season runs from October to April.

Click on the calendar to go to our Events page where you will find the venues and contacts for the registered meetings in our region